Diamondback mountain bikes


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Diamondback mountain bikes are very famous and in fact Diamondback Bicycle is a leading brand and is based in Kent, Washington. They have the same owners as Raleigh Bicycle Company and are sold in many countries, including, Canada, United Kingdoms, the United States and Bangladesh. There are different models and sizes that are offered by this company. The categories include Road, Full Suspension, Mountain Hardtail, BMX, Performance Hybrid, Dual Sport, Cruiser, Women’s, Youth and Comfort. Road has a sub category of competition road and endurance road. There are also categories like alternative road and cyclocross. You will find different bikes under different categories, making it easier for the choice to be made by you.

Diamondback Mountain Bikes

If you check online on their site www.diamondback.com, you will get to see featured bikes. It will give you details of those featured bikes but we feel that their dealer locator option is the best part of the website. It shows you the entire state in the map and then the dealers nearest you. You can just follow the map to reach and purchase the Diamondback mountain bikes. They are not generally that expensive as well. Most of Diamondbacks are low-to mid-priced bicycles, though some of the models are on high –end. They are innovators as well, like inventing the knuckle box suspension which is found on its Sortie Mission. The Scapegoat full suspension mountain bikes is also one of their innovations. Not only this, but they do have their own fitness line as well.

Their fitness line includes a variety of equipment’s for exercise such as indoor cycles, uprights, recumbents and ellipticals. While you are going through the website, don’t forget to check on the experience and blog category. You are sure to find something interesting to read on the bikes and other people’s experience and also about cycling events. You can join their mailing team and you will be regularly updated about new features and new bikes in the market, also news about upcoming events will be sent to you. Once you have purchased the Diamondback mountain bikes, you can forget worrying about the quality of the bike. It is a top brand and any new innovation done by them, will be informed to their customers as well.

Once you have purchased a Diamondback, you can register it on their website. Registering helps as a proof of ownership for any warranty issue, and it also provides a record of the serial number in case your bike is ever lost or stolen. You can compare the Diamondback mountain bikes with respect to sizes, fork, cranks, F. Derailleur, stem, bottom bracket, R. Derailleur, frames, rear shock, shifter, brakes, cassette, brake levers, rims, handlebar, chain, seatpost, hubset, tires, pedals, headset, spokes and grips. Choose the bicycle which suits your need the most and is apt for the trail you would be riding on.


Sharing is caring! Please share with friends & family if you find this website useful

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